Our Expertise


The firm is regularly involved in Alternate Dispute Resolution practice both for national and international clients under the Arbitration Act 1940, and under other international laws and treaties

Banking and Finance

We have a comprehensive experience in handling the banking and financial matters both for the banks and our private clients.

Criminal Law

The firm has dedicated its resources for litigation and dispute resolution in criminal law matters. We previously have, and currently are dealing with Appeals, Pre-arrest and Post-arrest bails, Suspension of sentence, Quashment of criminal proceedings/FIR. We are also representing corporate companies with regards to their criminal issues..​

Civil Law

Our attorneys deal with problems such as land acquisition or protection of property, co-ownership, contractual obligations, inheritance issues, family disputes and drafting of contracts amongst others.​

Corporate and Commercial Advisory

The firm provide services related to Registration/incorporation of Partnership, Company , Statutory/Regulatory filings, Acquisitions, Restructuring of companies, Disputes between shareholders and Regulatory compliance matters​

Tax Litigation

The firm is dealing with taxation matters including customs, income tax and sales tax of private companies and corporations, which includes cases before different forums of law; and settlements between the corporation and the executive functionaries.

Real Estate Law

Our firm is representing various housing societies, and helping them resolve their issues like obtaining NOC’s from the state agencies and protecting them from unnecessary litigation​

Intellectual Property Law

Our firm specializes in intellectual property laws and has represented several clients for their trademarks registration. We also represent them before quasi-judicial forums, courts/tribunals over copyrights and other related matters.

Immigration Law

Our firm provide expert legal advice and representation, directly to individuals and businesses, in relation to all aspects of UK, USA and European immigration laws. We offer 4 main services: 1. Initial Consultation Meetings 2. Immigration Application Preparation & Submission 3. Immigration Application Checking 4. Immigration Appeal Preparation & Representation​